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Capturing Timeless Moments: A Wedding Photography Experience


Planning and cordination are key components of wedding photography. It is crucial to meet with the bride and groom in advance to go over their preferences, expectations, and any particular moments they would like to have documented. It is essential to visit the wedding location and organise the photographs there.

We excel at capturing the vivid hues and intricate rituals of Indian weddings. From the exquisite henna patterns to the sparkling jewellery, we are skilled at capturing each and every element of your big day in our photos.

Each wedding in India has its own distinct customs and rituals because of the country’s different ethnicities and traditions. It’s critical to comprehend the cultural significance of each rite and to accurately portray it. Natural light can give your photographs a tonne of richness and warmth, and India has a lot of sunlight. It is important to take use of natural light and show the bride and groom in their finest light.




Discover the Best Photography Locations for Stunning Shots

I’ve been so lucky to document love stories in a host of amazing worldwide locations. My destination weddings portfolio includes images from weddings that I’ve shot in the UK, America, India, Canada, Paris. I’d love to be part of your special day, wherever your wedding will be!

I’m based in the Northen India and my family lives in the heart of Pink City so you can find me a little in between!!
I regularly cover weddings in Udaipur and Canada and happy to travel anywhere else.


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